If life was a plot

A poem

Anastasia Sukhanov
2 min readJul 16, 2020
Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

If life was a plot I’d be asking:

Where were you last night

When I drove through the rain?

And you’d have been stuck on the roadside

With emergency lights on,

While I drove past thinking

“I’m not dressed for this shit”.

And where were you when the volcano erupted

And the skies went silent in a truly apocalyptic twist?

And you’d have taken the train,

And I — your seat on the first plane back.

And seriously, where the hell where you partying

When I searched among strangers

All the way from Mayfair to East End?

And you’d have been on a sabbatical in Scotland,

Because you already went through that phase.

And what questionable decision did you make

When I made mine to quit the big city

And do a pilgrimage instead?

And you’d have decided

To move to that same city — just then.

And whose hand were you holding

When I held my mother’s, a minute before she died?

And you’d have known how to answer without pretense,

Which is a rare gift.

And have you ever picked up a book

Left behind by a stranger that changed your entire life?

And you’d have smiled and said:

“No, but I left a couple around,

Maybe they were for you”.

If life was a plot I’d be asking:

Where are you now,

While I am no longer with him?

And you would be on the other side